Miata racing parts – what you need first

miata racing parts what you need first

Preparing a racing Miata is a very tough and long process. You need to build your car according to certain regulations, if you want to participate in legal racing and just something powerful and fast if you want to get on some unofficial disciplines. In this article we find out what racing parts are the most important.

Mazda Miata racing parts

The first thing you need to consider while building a mazda miata race car – is the safety. Don’t forget about braking system by installing larger or more efficient brake discs. To protect you in case of rollover, you need to integrate special strain element called roll cage or roll bar. In addition to this, you need to install automatic fire extinguish system. Moreover, it is obligatory in most racing disciplines. Don’t forget about tires – using standard tires and what is worse worn-out ones may cause an accident.

mazda miata racing engines

Mazda Miata racing engine

We have already covered the topic regarding racing engines. The only two things I might add – it’s better to boost your engine, especially if you want to reach >250 hp output with all other mechanisms, such as gearbox, clutch, suspension and even braking system should be upgraded. If you ignore this advice, the consequences may be wistful.
The other thing – if you are planning to prepare Mazda Miata racing car to participate in some semi-official disciplines like drag racing or drifting, you may consider something radical – engine swap, in some cases it’s much easier and fast than building custom racing engine. Besides, by installing turbocharger or Mazda Miata Jackson racing supercharger you may drastically increase the output of the engine with low efforts.

mazda miata racing seats

Mazda Miata racing seats

Seats are also very important part of racing stuff which is frequently ignored by beginners. Why is it important to have racing seats? The first thing is lateral support while cornering. It is very difficult to enter sharp corners seating in stock seats. The second thing is safety. Again. You can’t use racing seats properly without special seatbelts. In case of an accident it protects you from falling off along with deep seating pose. There are dozens of racing seats available for Miatas – with universal mount or made specifically for Mazda Miata. But I recommend you seats made by well-known companies such as Koenig, Momo, Recaro, Sparco, etc.

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