Mazda Miata vs Honda S2000

mazda miata vs honda s2000

Almost every week some of my mates and another people I know asked me “Is Honda S2000 better than Mazda” and something like this. This is very popular question, especially among car enthusiasts, who are interested not only in driving and owning the car, but also in racing and tuning. Let’s find out.

Handling and performance

Just like Mini Cooper, Honda S2000 has very similar conception – compact 2-door 2-seat roadster. But if Mini is sharing concept of fun car with Mazda, Honda is much more serious, competing with Miata as a sport car. No wonder that S2000 has the same rear-wheel drive layout with engine in front.

mazda miata vs honda s2000

Honda S2000 was producing from 1999 to 2009. The car is absolutely incomparable with the second generation Miata, because Mazda has only 1.8L engine in comparison with 2.0L mounted in Honda. But the third generation MX-5 Miata has also 2-liter engine, with lower output though. But it can be increased by tuning the engine.

The handling of both cars very similar, but due to Honda’s sufficient increase of power (237 hp versus 167 hp of Miata) Honda shows better results.


Unlike Mazda Miata, thousands of which was produced, Honda S2000 is a rare car. That is why it costs no less than $20,000 in mint condition. Speaking about special editions like Club Racer, the price jumped up to $30,000 or more. You could buy absolutely new Mazda from the dealership for that price.

mazda miata vs honda s2000


This is the spiciest topic speaking about these two cars. Actually, in terms of engine Honda has minimal chances to increase the output without turbocharging or using supercharger, because the engine is very high speed (red line in 9000 rpm). Unlike it, Mazda engine has high tuning potential of the engine. Frankly speaking, the performance of both cars might be equalized, at least by engine swap. So it is mainly a matter of taste and money quantity when you decided which car to pick for racing or tuning projects.

mazda miata vs honda s2000


I might say that the cars refer to slightly different leagues though similar. Honda S2000 is a variant for more sophisticated drivers, who has enough rear-wheel driving experience, and who aimed to participate in club racing or other racing disciplines and achieve perfect results. And people choosing Honda should have enough money not only to tune it, but also to buy it in good condition.

mazda miata vs honda s2000

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