Mazda Miata V8 kit

Mazda Miata V8 kit

We have already discussed the topic related to engine swap, and this time add some details regarding V8 engine swap to Miata. In this article we show more complicated and thought-out approach to putting V8 into small sportscar, which is used by companies such as Boss Frog. Let’s find out what upgrades you have to make to enjoy Mazda Miata V8 kit successfully.

V8 engine for Miata

The engine is the obviously essential part of the conversion kit. The best choice is GM LS-series V8, because it is lightweight (thanks to aluminum block) and more powerful than Ford V8s, for instance. Such engines is used on Chevrolet Corvette and Pontiac GTO.

v8 engine for miata

Transmission for V8 Miata swap

Standard gearbox should be also replaced, it is just cannot cope with such amount of power. So the most logical decision is to use transmission which fits best for picked engine. It is Borg Warner T56 6-speed manual gearbox, with hydraulic clutch. Combined with powerful V8 it is helping to achieve great performance results.

Transmission for V8 Miata swap

Differential used in Miata V8 kit

There are 2 possible variants for differential – the first one is to use Getrag, like in Pontiac Solstice, but it was made for less powerful engines and might cause a lot of problems. The second and more convenient option is to use heavier but much more reliable Ford differential used in Ford Thunderbird until 97 with independent rear suspension.

Differential used in Miata V8 kit

Necessary upgrades for Mazda Miata V8 swap

Put the more powerful engine and different transmission parts is not enough. To make V8 Miata reliable, safe and fast, many other upgrades are needed.

Custom engine subframe

To hold the engine on its place and decrease the amount of pressure put by the heavier engine, you need to install new forced engine subframe. It is also needed because of the different placing for steering system because of the new engine.

miata v8 swap engine subframe

Transmission and differential mount

Both transmission and differential are designed for different vehicles, so to use existing mounting holes of your car, special mount kit required. The transmission and differential are heavier than stock ones, so it is better to use subframes. The other reason to use subframe for differential is to increase ground clearance to maximum by installing differential as high as possible.

Custom axles and driveshaft

To manage with the large power increase you need to install custom axles and custom driveshaft. Custom axles should be designed to handle around 400 hp or more.


The aim to install different engine is always way to get into difficulties. If you want to put a V8 you should have in mind some limitations. The first one – air conditioner won’t be working. The second one – stock power steering won’t be working, you need to install additional custom kit for power steering if you want to save its feature for the car.

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