Mazda Miata racing parts: engine, roll bar

mazda miata racing parts: racing engine, roll bar

Mazda Miata is a very popular car for racing enthusiasts. There are plenty of race cups hold specially among Miatas, including several in US. Every championship requires different car regulations, some use almost stock models, some require severe modifications. But there is at least one important requirement for racing – roll cage or roll bar protecting the driver and your car in case of roll over. Remember – safety first. So, we begin with Mazda Miata roll bar.

Mazda Miata roll bar

Mazda MX-5 Miata is a convertible car, so the roof is the weakest part of it. In case of roll over, the only part which could save your life is windshield frame. It is not enough for racing, where speeds are exceeded one in conventional driving. That’s why you need extra safety measures.

mazda miata roll cage

Roll cages are made of steel pipes welded together in order to form a cage under the roof (over seats), behind the cockpit, and in door aperture. Bars size and cage construction depend on racing regulations and should obligatory meet it if you want to participate in legal racing cups.

mazda miata roll cage

Mazda Miata roll bar is more simple option – it is just a small cage behind the seats, mounted a bit over heads. It’s the additional protection for driver and passenger heads in case of rollover.
Roll bars or roll cage is increasing your car’s weight, but there is another positive detail apart from safety – roll cage installation improves body rigidity and thus has positive influence on cornering.

mazda miata roll bar

Mazda Miata racing engine

The second important thing for racing and among Mazda Miata racing parts is the engine. Performance is everything and it achieves by both good handling and power. Racing regulations are differ, some has strong rules regarding engine tuning, some requires turbocharging etc. There are at least two ways of preparing Mazda Miata racing engine – to build your own by installing modified details or take it to one of a few specialized companies which are to customize engine to meet certain regulations.

mazda miata racing engine

For example, it might be building an engine from a scratch with the new cylinder block, pistons, etc fully exclusive and made specifically for the certain championship. It will cost a lot, but almost every race winner has custom engine.

mazda miata racing engine

The second option is rebuilding the engine using existing engine block from standard Miata. The engine will has all modified air intake, camshafts, pistons, and get complete retuned. It will cost you about $5000 but the result would be nearly identical to custom engine.

mazda miata racing engine

The third option – your stock engine would be modified and retuned for better performance. It’s the most affordable variant, but probably the least useful, you might do it by yourself and achieve the same results with less amount of money.

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