Mazda Miata headlight conversion

mazda miata headlight conversion

Headlight conversion is one of the most popular styling procedures for the first generation Mazda Miata, which has “blind” folded headlamps. There are plenty of headlight conversion kits available in aftermarket. In this article I’ll show some popular or original headlight conversion kits available in aftermarket.

Dual lamp by K.G. Works

These headlights mimics one used in M-speedster Mazda concept car shown in 1993. It is easy to install, just exchange the units. The kit is custom made, but original is available if you order it from Japan.

mazda miata headlight conversion

Flush lamps by Hayashi

Firstly it seems like fixed headlamps, but it isn’t. Actually, it slightly rises from rear a bit like old front engine Porsches. Unfortunately, this kit is out of production since 1999.

mazda miata headlight conversion


mazda miata headlight conversion

Fixed headlights by Brainstorm performance (BSP)

This kit features completely fixed headlights with acrylic lens cover. Your car will become 15 lbs lighter and more aerodynamic. It is still in production.

mazda miata headlight conversion

Frog eyes

It is custom set which is quite funny looking. There is no much info about the manufacturer, availability and price, but you may find it in used parts. This kit makes your Miata look like old Austin-Healey Sprite.

mazda miata headlight conversion


austin healey sprite

Fixed headlights by Barchetta

One of the most impressive-looking and nice headlight conversion variant by the oldest Japan Miata owner club.

mazda miata headlight conversion

Low profile by Bellof

It is a very rare kit but with great build quality and looks great.

mazda miata headlight conversion

Fixed by Garage Vary

Another Japanese custom kit for headlight conversion. It comes with modified front bumper and looks great with this bodykit, in my opinion reminding Ferrari F40.

mazda miata headlight conversion

Low profile dual lamp by Cobalt

Really nice low profile headlights using Hella lamps. Looking neat, but requires some work – you need to cut small section of engine bay.

mazda miata headlight conversion

Custom headlights for Miata NB by Morette

Nice looking headlights for the second generation Miata. Looking a bit retro but definitely refresh the image of your car.

mazda miata headlight conversion


There is plenty of headlight kits in the aftermarket, available for all 3 generation Miatas, most of them comes along with same design taillights, to complete the look. Most of conversion kits doesn’t require much rebuilding of the car, so you may do it yourself.

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