Mazda Miata body kits

mazda miata body kit

Tuning means not only power and performance, but also means styling. Body kit including front and rear bumpers and side skirts, providing completely new appearance for a car. Furthermore, a proper body kit increase downforce, which in advance refer to better handling in high speeds. Installing a body kit is the easiest way to make your car unique. It is also drastically improve race track performance if you want to install wide body kit.

Mazda Miata body parts

The most common Miata styling is the usage of the modified front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts and hood. Front and rear bumpers often includes front spoiler and rear diffusor in order to improve aerodynamics. Car enthusiasts are also choose modified hoods – lightweight made of carbon fiber, with additional vents or both. Engine swap, especially if you want to put a V8 is often requires hood enlargement.

mazda miata body kit

Mazda Miata body kit

There are plenty of body kits for Mazda Miata available on sale. It is very popular car among various car enthusiasts, including 1990 Mazda Miata body kits and parts for newer Miatas. Body kits are made in US in small companies, imported from Japan or Europe, so it is possible to chose body kit with almost any design.

1990 mazda miata body kit

Mazda Miata wide body kit

Wide body kit is using when you need to increase the width of the car in order to increase stability while cornering. It is very important for cup racing and for drifting. There are certain Mazda Miata wide body kit available on sale, but it is very common to build unique wide body kit for specific car and specific usage.

mazda miata body kit

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