Mazda Miata differential

mazda miata differential

Some companies could rebuild your differential or just install another LSD helping of opposite lock in mid corner with the power. Not all cars were equipped with Mazda Miata torsen differential. It was originally fitted to a later NA model with 1,8L engine. It is actually a nice upgrade for

Mazda Miata supercharger kit

mazda miata supercharger kit

The everlasting dispute about what is cooler and more productive – supercharger or turbocharger never stops. For those who strongly decide to install a supercharger here is the guide about almost all available variants and Mazda Miata supercharger kits on the market.

Mazda Miata supercharger kits

The most part of supercharger kits

Mazda Miata V8 kit

Mazda Miata V8 kit

We have already discussed the topic related to engine swap, and this time add some details regarding V8 engine swap to Miata. In this article we show more complicated and thought-out approach to putting V8 into small sportscar, which is used by companies such as Boss Frog. Let’s find

How to build MX-5 turbo

mx 5 turbo

As you could already know, the most simple and effective method to boost extra power to your Miata is to install a turbocharger. It is not simple, actually, and refers to a variety of upgrades. If you want to achieve perfect results, just to put a turbocharger, small intercooler and

Mazda Miata headlight conversion

mazda miata headlight conversion

Headlight conversion is one of the most popular styling procedures for the first generation Mazda Miata, which has “blind” folded headlamps. There are plenty of headlight conversion kits available in aftermarket. In this article I’ll show some popular or original headlight conversion kits available in aftermarket.

Dual lamp by K.G. Works


Mazda Miata body kits

mazda miata body kit

Tuning means not only power and performance, but also means styling. Body kit including front and rear bumpers and side skirts, providing completely new appearance for a car. Furthermore, a proper body kit increase downforce, which in advance refer to better handling in high speeds. Installing a body kit is

Miata popular engine swaps

mazda miata engine swap variants

For some people Mazda Miata seems to be too slow, especially if they are car enthusiasts, looking forward to drag racing, drifting, or other racing disciplines. Miatas are very popular among racers, so there are plenty variants of making your Mazda more powerful, and one of the simplest (but not