mazCar enthusiasts, gear heads, racers and tuners are welcome to our website. Everything you want to know about best-selling legendary roadster Mazda MX-5 Miata. Tuning ideas, reviews, comparing, full technical specifications and more.

You may find information about all special editions released through 25 years of rich Mazda Miata production history, its technical specifications and features.

I’m a Miata enthusiast with 20 years experience. I bought my first Miata in 1995, it was used very first generation 1990 Mazda Roadster from Japan, converted to left hand drive in the US. The car has engine issues, so I have to repair it. Then I thought that extra power is necessary and there went a tuning. The next Miata was NB series made in 2000, and it is still in mint condition.

For a several years I’ve become a real Miata enthusiast, helping my friends to tune up their cars, to choose parts, taking part in engine swap projects and preparing cars to participate in different racing disciplines.

And this year I decided to share my experience and unite all Mazda Miata enthusiasts and people who are interested in this topic. is your guide to the world of Mazda Miata.

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