Miata Nardi steering wheel 2000 Special Edition

2000 mazda miata special edition

This car is revealed in 2000 in Chicago Auto Show after debut of new NB-series Miata. There are no significant changes in comparison with standard Mazda Miata, but it’s noticeable. It has unique color scheme, different trimming, and premium sound system.

Design features

The first thing you might notice looking at 2000 Mazda Miata special edition, is the body color. It is called Mahogany Mica, which could be described as “dark cherry”. Special edition also has polished alloy rims, which perfectly fits to overall color scheme. Interior features leather upholstery (by the way, the folding roof is made of leather too), wood decorated Nardi steering wheel, gear lever knob, parking brake lever and dashboard. Another outstanding feature is 4 speaker Bose hi-end sound system.

2000 mazda miata special edition interior

Under the hood

The engine is exactly the same inline 4-cylinder producing 140 hp as in the standard Mazda Miata NB-series. The only difference of special edition in terms of engineering – is 6-speed manual transmission instead of 5-speed.

2000 mazda miata special edition rear

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