Miata club edition and special editions

miata club edition and special editions

Mazda Miata has been producing for more than 25 years, and the carmaker producing not only conventional Miata cars, but also special and limited editions, which instantly became rare collectibles. There are plenty of them and this article is about some noticeable editions.

Mazda Miata club edition

Club edition refers not to cup racing; it is just a name for trim level after 2013 model year update for third generation MX-5 Miata (NC). It features black headlamps, black exterior mirrors, new front spoiler and rear splitter, black 17-inch alloy wheels, dampers made by Bilstein, LSD, and other minor details. Color schemes are limited to 4 colors. The brand new upcoming 2016 model year MX-5 Miata will also have Club trim.

mazda miata special edition

Mazda Miata limited and special editions

One of the most noticeable and rare Mazda Miata special edition car is one released after 2nd gen Miata debut on Chicago Auto Show in 2000. Now it refers to modern collectible car, only 3000 copies were built. Next year, in 2001, another special edition Mazda was built.

One of the most powerful versions of the second generation Miata is turbocharged Miata from Mazda tuning division Mazdaspeed.
The rarest Mazda Miata special edition is Club sport, made in 2003. Only 50 cars were made – 25 of them with hardtop and 25 with soft top. What is so specific about such car? It has almost nothing in the equipment list, even power steering. MCS (Miata Club Sport) cars were sold in order to take part in SCCA racing disciplines.

mazda miata special edition

Mazda Miata anniversary editions

There were 2 anniversary edition Miatas – the first one is NB-series released in 1999. It could be distinguish apart standard version by blue-colored seats, blue top, steering wheel and gear lever knob. It also has 6-speed manual gearbox instead of 5-speed and Torsen limited-slip differential as a standard. Another differences are polished rims and Bilstein retuned suspension. All of it in honor of 10th anniversary of model. Only 3000 copies were made.

mazda miata anniversary edition

The second car made to celebrate anniversary was released in 2015 – 25th Anniversary Mazda MX-5 Miata, referred to NC-series. Only 100 copies was available for US market. But there is nothing so special – Soul Red color, black hardtop, white/red interior and alloy wheels of a gunmetal color.

mazda mx5 miata anniversary edition


Of course it is not the full list of special and Mazda Miata limited edition. There was dozens of them, but mostly the only difference from conventional Miata is another color scheme. A lot of special NC-series Miatas was built and it might be the topic for the other article. Nevertheless, these cars cost more than average Miata and if you were lucky to buy it when it was new (with conventional price) it seems that your car’s price might be even increased.

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