Mazda Miata supercharger kit

mazda miata supercharger kit

The everlasting dispute about what is cooler and more productive – supercharger or turbocharger never stops. For those who strongly decide to install a supercharger here is the guide about almost all available variants and Mazda Miata supercharger kits on the market.

Mazda Miata supercharger kits

The most part of supercharger kits available for the first generation Mazda Miata is now discontinued, but it is possible to find it on ebay or second hand. At least 5 different kits are available for the second generation Miata NB, which is seems to be the most popular Miata model for supercharging.

Fast Forward supercharger kits

fast forward miata supercharger

Featuring fuel management system with intercooling. Equipped with Eaton MP-62 supercharger, very reliable. E-cool system in addition to cooling also adds extra fuel to stock fuel injectors. The kit is also include fuel management system by Jackson Racing. The total power output after Fast Forward installation is promised over 190 hp. This coldside kits are available for all Miatas form 1994 to 2005.

Kennebell supercharger kits

moss motors miata superchager

The company offers at least 3 different supercharger options available for Miata. It is available as 6 psi boost supercharger, 9 psi and 12 psi supercharger with intercooler. The kit is also including modified fuel injectors, and Optimizer to reprogram ECU. Kennebell supercharger installation promises 65 to 115% horsepower increase.

Flying Miata supercharger kits

flying miata supercharger kit

FM is using the same MP 62 superchargers as Fast Forward, it comes with intercooler and reprogrammed standard ECU. The kit has great build quality and what is more important looks like stock modification – no noises, no bumping feelings while driving. This kit is made for the third generation Miata and helps to reach outstanding 240 hp. Which is by the way comparable with Honda S 2000.

KraftWerks supercharger kits

kraftwerks supercharger kit

KraftWerks use Rotrex supercharger, which is requires new oiling system with oil cooler, belt tensioning system and other changes. The kit is also comes with custom fuel management system named SuperCard.

Moss Motors MP62 supercharger

moss motors supercharger kit

It use the Eaton MP62 supercharger with integrated bypass valve. The fuel economy with this kit is nearly as the stock has (in low rpm). Fuel management system is based on PowerCard Pro, which is not modify standard ECU, just fuel control system which add extra gas while boost.

The cars equipped with cruise control need extra relocation bracket to install Moss Motors supercharger.

Mazda Miata supercharger Jackson Racing

Mazda Miata supercharger Jackson Racing

The supercharger kit by Jackson Racing is using M45 Eaton supercharger with bypass valve, which provides good fuel economy until you put pedal to the metal. JR is also use PowerCard fuel management solution. In Miatas equipped with ABS washer bottle should be relocated. The supercharger is a good alternative to Mazdaspeed special edition Miata.

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